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Random Recap
Capoeira class was interesting! Two classes per week, Wednesday and Sunday. I think I am going to check out the Helsinki tricking group too, should be fun!  
Internet's working, finally!! To celebrate my about my Internet availability, let me post some pictures :)


at SiSit, can you spot me? my hand is visible and you might see my vintage jacket lol

fireworks show at helsinki harbour

picnic at suomenlinna

the very first Finnish beer I had

food from unicafe, unlimited water + 1 juice/milk + 1 plate of salad + rice/potatoes/beans/noodle + unlimited bread, 2.50€, no take away, by the way haha

my empty room, I didn't even have the ceiling light with me when I first moved in

alright then, later!!

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Hahhaha...hey ur life there sounds cool~
anyways, pls take good care yourself there..


thanks, so far so good. This week comes the reality, school starts! (and assignments come).you too take care!

wow.. nice to share

i think i have no chance to sit sofa..

Re: wow.. nice to share

next time post earlier!

who is it, btw = =

wah, party party party

haha, happy life :)

ur empty room looks nice, haha, prepare a corner for me in 2012 :D

ur food from unicafe looks delicious as well, haha!

interesting! looking forward for more photos...

oh, the fireworks sure astounding!


hahaha my furnitures will be here next friday, slowly settling down. Yar food was nice! come come!

wow, how different is the life there, but looks interesting! enjoy :D

Siew Chin

not too different actually... :D

so how is the room looks like now?

it still looks like shit now >.


shit u..... ur room fucking bigger than mine lah~~~
That time still worried pulak... T_T
Got balcony some more!! SHIT SHIT SHIT~~~~

not balcony la, it's a window!
but my room's still practically empty now, we'll see tomorrow


Although u r showing an empty room, but it looks real nice leh~!!! and i bet a lot of leng zai leng lui during the party? haha...
The food, errr... kenot attract me, perhaps i should go finland to slim down.
And 1 more thing, ur face still smell so shit in profile picture.. :P

hahah the food is ok, but it's cheap though... my face memang like this everytime i don't smile la...

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