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Sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time :\ Moved to a new house and it's closer to my school now woo!! Less commute for me to go to school and town :D The new apartment is pretty good, my room is smaller but I don't need all the space in the world.

Well, a lil update from my January. I went to Lapland in Finland, Rovaniemi to be exact, it's about 800 km north of Helsinki. 13 hours of train, and finally I arrived in ROI. It all looked so white, and cold, from inside the train. It was -27, if you are wondering, and as a tropical monkey as I am/was, I began to worry if my body and clothing can stand such cold. As soon as I step out of the train station, I knew I was in trouble: not enough clothing for the real winter in Lapland. My original plan of traveling to Santa Claus village and outdoor skiing seems pretty far from my reach now. As expected, I caught a cold in the next few days! I had to give up all the plan and just stay indoor enjoying my stay at my friend's. Well the snows were thicker here, the weather was colder (much, I mean MUCH). I didn't do much, except going to the local Onnela club at Saturday night, no luck for northern light either, as the sky wasn't clear, well I'll have my chance, right?

The sunset at ROI was pretty beautiful though, here's a video from ROI for you to watch before I catch the real northern light next time! (I'll be visiting before the winter ends, and I'll definitely be better prepared this time)

I have a guest from Malaysia during Chinese New Year, it was my secondary school friend Shian Yee! I've known him for more than 10 years! During the CNY, we went to the gathering organised by chinese students in Helsinki. We had a nice new year eve dinner, where we made our own dumplings and dishes. It was pretty fun, a nice lil gathering with friends who celebrate the same festival :)

I took Shian Yee to talk on frozen river too. It was pretty cool. It wasn't too slippery as it was covered with snow. I have never thought of meeting Shian Yee in Helsinki of all places, wonder how fast life changed isn't it? It was my first experience walking on ice too, next venture will be swimming in icy cold water!! (Or maybe not, lol) It was also Laskiainen last tuesday, where students gathered at a sledging hill at Helsinki and SLEDGE! It's like playing slides on a snowy slope, using a proper plastic sledge or just plastic bags!! It was pretty hilarious with a lot of custom sledge from other students. We joined the sledging party too, with our own lil plastic sledge. It was pretty intense and fun, needless to say, my butt and thighs were hurting after the activity. My pants were all wet, but my mood was extremely good. It was a fantastic outing :) Well, check out the video posted here to grasp the idea of sledging ;)

A lil update from job application:
I applied to a sequence assembly research assistant position, but due to my own mistake of poorly prepared interview, I was rejected the position, but the interviewer told me that he has another opening for another project, and he thinks I'm suitable for that job, if I am interested, he will choose between me and another candidate he likes. Right now, I need to write a convincing motivational letter to him to show that I am motivate enough to work with his new project.

I am thankful that the interviewer believe in my ability and am willing to give me a chance to work with him. I have finished the letter and will send it to him later today. I will know the results next week if I am recruited by him or not, ah... I just hope everything works out well!

Some pics from Sledging and walking on ice.

Shian Yee making some dumplings

Nice lil new year eve dinner, with dumpling, pekking roasted duck, spring rolls, fish, and some fried cucumber

Yar, the lil hill on the right side was a car buried under the snow

Walking on frozen river on a foggy day

SitSit sledge!

Sauna sledge!!!

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Wow! Meeting Shian Yee there is indeed a wonderful surprise. =D
Hmm... but I'm not too sure about the quality of your dumplings (and Shian Yee's too). =P LOL.

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year dude.

-Sze Ling-

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