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And then school starts
Still no internet for me yet, sigh. I'm starting to get very frustrated, why didn't they check the condition of the room before offering it to me?? <censored>!!

I just found out that I will have my classes spread across four campuses for this semester, and most likely five starting next period lol, call me for more info about a day trip across helsinki metropolitan area.

At least opening carnival and night party was really fun. I just took part in the traditional Finnish SitSit activity on the street of Helsinki too haha ( It was really cool. We ate and sang finnish and swedish songs. Normally a proper sitsit would last for about 5 hours. However, for a demo version, a half and hour sitsit was pretty good for me. Opening party was crazy. 3 parties in 5 days now lol. My past six days were scheduled like party-rest-party-football-party-football. I'm really tired lol. School starts, no more party (frequently) for me. I will have probably 5 subjects this semester, about 21 hours of study. I'm starting to settle down too I guess. A totally new school system for me, gonna take some time to get used to the new environment too. Well at least they don't have the attendance system for the lecture classes, so I'll just concentrate on my tutorial exercises and do some self study at home/school.

on a side note:
-I've decided to join the Capoeira class here. Good work out to brush up my tricking skills. First class probably starts this evening?
-Oh and there will be a pubcrawling activity this October, mang it will be sooo expensive, but I wana join ;_; what to do???
-Nice weather today :) It's about 20C
-Oh and you can't trust the weather of Helsinki, it's more emotional than a PMS girl
-Public transportation system in Helsinki is confusing, check the journey planner everytime

I'll probably write a series of survival guide in Helsinki here, depends on my free time.


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wei... ur blog getting harder to understand......T_T
my english so poor....

wat is PMS?
20C... 不要高興得太早, winter coming soon!!

yesterday was 21C, today too I think, but heavy downfall in the evening lol. Luckily I brought umbrella :D


aikkss.. sendiri datang PMS also dunno meh...

Yiu~ u see the FB photos too much and busy commenting until sot liao??

Without the attedance system is real cool, which i believe wsc will fully utilized his time for other funs, hahaha.

They speake English there?

Yeah they speak English here. Self dicipline is really important without the attendance system you know

Wow, ur "orientation week" is very interesting! so envy u have the chance to experience these all over again... The Sitsit activity sounds very interesting as well... i believe i gonna really love it! lol... while reading ur blog, i feel young once again, haha :D

Haha, u're very ambitious yeah, wanna take up so many "co-cu", but i fully support... enjoy ur uni life to the fullest! make more friends, collect more experiences, and let's not forget... get as many Finnish girlfriends!

It's really funny u use "PMS girl" to describe Helsinki weather, haha... i guess no matter how emotional the weather is, it's still always cold? Here in Malacca, the weather is still always hot as usual :D


Lillian, it's very hard to settle down ;_; too many things had to be done. But I'm managing it well :D Don't envy me, it's time for you to take your first step!

Take good care of ur kidney(s) don't let someone stole it in the night!

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