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Sauna Party?
Yesterday was, hmm.... interesting lol. I took part in a Finnish students orientation activity, and I was the only non finnish speaker there. I was informed by Elvira about this activity, and she strongly recommended me to take part in that. So my evening started with joining a group of fuksit (newbies) walking around the helsinki city completing different station quests. We were asked to do some pretty weird stuff, like swimming naked in the lake (hahaha, not me though), asking the signature from 30 strangers, asking a boiled egg from any shop, exchanging a plastic fork with something useful, etc. Well, it was ok I thought (barr the naked swim part). The tutor at the naked swim station was probably the most hilarious. He smoked a cigar and yelled at the people in some  finnish language which I couldn't understand. But try to imagine a man having a cigar in his mouth and a glass of red wine in his hand, shouting "Hello bitches!! Come and give daddy a kiss on the cheek!"
I'm not lying, after he finished speaking, every group members stepped forward and kiss him on the cheek lol!!  And then the naked swim challenge began, and so on and so forth.

The interesting part is: I didn't know we are going to the sauna place for the sauna after party (lol!!!) Damn, I've never been to a sauna before, and sauna is a pretty common activity in Finland. Damn, do I need to go to the sauna too? Does everyone need to go to the sauna??? You know, everybody has to be naked inside...

So I boarded the bus with other students to the sauna place. It was a pretty cozy place. The tutors booked the whole place to host the after party lol. A tutor came and talked to me and asked me to join them for the final mission: running naked around the residential area and then go to sauna (O_O''). I really felt like I was ready to accept the challenge that time

Or not, lol.

I didn't join the sauna after all. I stayed at the sauna place for sometime though, chatting with other finnish students and tutors. The most common question was probably :"Why Finland?". I really don't have any particular reason actually, I just came... The tutors and students are really friendly, I got to talked to some people and understand the finnish sauna culture better lol. It was interesting, it's not like party interesting, but it was, erm, eyes opening lol. 

So yeah, a sauna party without a sauna, maybe I'll try it next time.


We'll see lol, bye!!

oh yar btw, there's a challenge for every freshmen for the sauna party:

level 1: running around naked at the neighbourhood

level 2: running naked to the train station and wave at the passenger

level 3: taking the train to the main campus, speak to the campus guard, then speak to the police, and take the train back to the sauna place (naked)

and I heard nobody ever completed level 3 task (of course!!!! loolol)

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When u said "naked", really means naked as in no clothes at all, not even undies?? haha! that's really interesting... and crazy... and i kinda LOVE it!! hahahaa :D u should have tried it, it's really a once in a lifetime experience! Oh, juz imagine Swee Chong running naked in Finland!!

The culture there is really different, even the orientation style is totally different from here. There's really such thing as after party yeah, like those i watched in the movies. Only one word to express my feeling when reading ur blog : WOW!!!

U really had a great time there.. continue to enjoy ur uni life again.. haha.. looking forward for ur next post :D

Take care ^^


Lil: as in totally naked :O
yar i think i will try it lol, still have two more years here...

and thanks :D you need to make a move, like NOW

what?! u stand there with cloths and talk to others who are naked?! not fair!
Just go for it la, no one is going to recognize you, hahaha.

Post a photo if possible, I mean the naked party ;)

p.s This livejournal system is sux, I can't see others' comment until I clicked "Comments", and I can't read others' comment until I clicked "Read comments" in the comment page... Hopefully I can read the blog at other places such as blogspot :D

no la, I talked with other people who were not in the sauna too. Yar I'll definitely try it next time.

I kinda like livejournal lol, I can put my current mood and location and musics :D

it sounds fun...
very crazy but fun...
hope to hear more from you...


haha ah kwong, actually it's not that fun la. i'll try to post more if i have the inspirations!


erm.... whoever up there said cant view the comment until u post comment one huh, u can actually click on the post's title.... then u cant see other ppl's comment.
And finland cb..... I did imagine u running naked on the street while reading this post!!! wahahhaha...

do you really think i have the courage to run around naked?!!!


Assalamualaikum warabathulahi,

Naked.. haha!!! Gals hv 2 b naked too??
Aiya, i tot u gonna tell us u adopt the culture there alrd n joined in the naked activities.. wooo~~~

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri----!!! hahahaha... very wu liao rite...

Re: Reb

i think he will miss that~~~ With our 大街小巷's Raya banner~~~
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!!

lolol selamat hari raya!

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