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Life 2
Hmm someone reminded me that I should post more things about life, and make it sound less like a travel journal, so I'll talk about my life more from now on :)

First final exam starts in 18 days!!! ;_; I don't know what's the examination format here. I hope I can pass it. There are so many strong people here, I need to step up my game. I feel like I couldn't keep up sometime, why is that???

The weather is freaking cold lately, I guess summer is officially gone, and it was only September... I need to wear my gloves to go out these days. Ben&Yen, I should have taken the gloves you gave me last time lol. It was 3C last night, I guess it will get colder and colder soon. I miss the warm weather already...

I am surprise how well I settle down here. Clothes, food, accomodation, commute. I eat at student cafe every day for lunch. I cook my own breakfast and dinner too. Breakfast would be sausage + boiled egg + cereal, mostly just cereal though, if I have a morning class. Dinner is mostly noodle/pasta/pizza. I need to learn how to cook some new stuff. I am pretty bored with my dinner already ;_;

One important thing to travel within Helsinki area would be having the transportation booklet from the railway center. It is so important, I cannot survive without the booklet. It contains almost every travel details of the public transportation line, time table, stops, etc. And journey planner is your friend, it's not your best friend, cause it can  be stupid sometime. So I rely on those two things to travel around here. Oh and finnish people are pretty friendly in general, they always help when I'm lost

My housemates pretty ok. They are pretty friendly, and been helping me to settle down. I have one housemate who works 3 jobs, and he has his own fridge and TV set in his room = = I will need to get a job soon, after my first final exam. He said he can probably help me with that, which is pretty cool :) I need my money to live and travel!

Oh and there are parties every thursday night, which is cool, but I won't be going everyweek lol, I'm not a party animal. I will be going to Capoeira class every week though, 4 times a week, it's pretty fun and interesting, and hard! I joined a parkour gathering last time too, and I nearly dislocated my shoulder when doing the training :( I will be more careful next time. 

Oh and I got a free loan of ePC from my department, how cool was that! Now I can carry it to my class everyday and let my heavy notebook sit on my table in my room :)

Happy Mooncake Festival, I want to eat my mooncake!!!!

Moi moi!!

  • 1 time you come bek we buy the gloves for you~~:D.haha.
the mooncake dont like to eat one..very sweet~;))

cant keep up? sure lah..... enjoy party too much... Haha~

Take care urself arh... will getting colder soon. So warm in malaysia u also sick.... @_@

- sim



LOKI here!

TRICKING!!!!!!damn it man, im fat, seriously fat, i want my aerial
reading your entries, reminded me of my 3 months trip in europe.
seems like you are doing pretty well over there!
keep it up man, looking forward to see your tricks video

stop blogging liao?

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