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Everything has a first time
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. October is kinda uneventful for me, mainly studying and exam and such. Speaking of exam, I had my first exam in Finland at the end of October. I have to say, I don't like the exam part of my student life, of course lol. Took 4 papers 4 days in a row, my first paper was python programming, which was ok, theory question. I didn't do as good as I thought I could do though, I still have a slight chance to score the highest grade, depending on my programming project. 

The examination system works like this:
Normally the full mark for the entire subject is 60 marks. To get a minimum grade 1, you need to score 30 out of 60, that gave you grade 1. To get the highest grade, which is grade 5, you need to score 50 out of 60 marks. So, >35 = grade 2, >40 = grade 3, >45 = grade 4 and >50 = grade 5.  

Which lead me back to the title of my post for today, I score my first ever grade in Finland, and that is grade 1 from Human Genetics lol. This is also the worst result I ever get from any exam. Well, tough luck, but it was only my minor, so it doesn't matter too much lol. On the other hand, I also score my first ever grade 5 in my major subject, Bioinformatics, wooo!!! Now that's the subject that matters. I need to do well in my major subject if I want to get a chance to work as a researcher here.

Enough of exam talk. I went to the sauna for the first time last week, which was pretty good I must say. I think I'm going sauna more often lol. Can't help it when the weather is really cold, which lead me to another first time, my first real snow in my entire life!! It started snowing 2 nights before, and continue to snow yesterday. We had a really good view lol. I'm loving the white Helsinki. It got warmer this morning though, so the snow melted. It's snowing heavily now again, we might get some good amount of snow tonight :) I heard  there won't be as much snow during December, and in January we will have permanant snow, which is cool, it means I can play the ice skating!!

I also went to trick for the first time today which some tricksters from Helsinki. We will have the entire floor for ourselves for tomorrow night from 5-7, I can't wait, it's going to be a blast!! I'm going to Tampere Tricking gathering next week too, my first travel out of Helsinki and my first ever tricking gathering, ahhhhh the excitement!!!!!!

Alright before I got over exicited, time for me to go and cook me a meal, later!!!

First time leaving my footsteps in the snow

Some view from the outside of my apartment

First touch of snow!!!

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haha, munki,
trick gathering, thats cool....
blog more often, we miss you here T_T


Loki! I miss you too, update me with your news!

hahah.... yaya. should blog more often lah u!!
Yerr... envy-nya..... i also want a white christmas!!! T_T

I'm glad that you score well in the exam there.
So that to prove my MMU cert is not that rubbish..... Thank you very muchie.... :p

- sim -

Don't know got white christmas in Helsinki in December or not

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