woo first entry of the new blog!!!

I finally made it, after 28 hours of travel time. I had my flight changed for twice, and those two flight delayed for a total of 4 hours, and my luggage has decided to fly to Switzerland without me lol. At least that gave me enough time to explore Changi and Heathrow, and I didn't have to carry my luggage to find my first host. First host was really nice. I wasn't manage to inform him about my second flight delay, so he had to wait for my arrival at the city center for an extended period of time. Took a bus ride from airport to the center, which costed me 4 euro. I couldn't recognise my host when I reached the destination, neither could he.  So I walked past him for a couple of time before I decided to ask if he is my host lol. He said he was waiting for an asian guys with more luggage, that's why he couldn't recognise me (Remember I didn't have my big luggage with me). In the end things went well lol.

Santtu took me to walk around the city center, helping me to get my first finnish cell phone number. He is very friendly, and is a very good company. He is really lively and funny lol. That made my first couch surfing experience very comfortable and enjoyable. We took a bus back to his home, and chatted about a lot of things. He is definitely not your typical Finnish guy lol. We talked about Finnish stereotype and he broke it up one by one. My lost luggage was sent to his house later that night, and I met up with his girl friend, Janeh.

My couch is very comfortable, and I had a good sleep on my first night at Helsinki. The next morning, Santtu brought me to one of the island in Helsinki. It's an open air museum and we just walked around the site. It's like a very large botanical garden with traditional finnish farm houses inside it. There are a lot of squirrels in the park. Santtu bought some peanuts so we could feed them. It was a very pleasant morning walk. We went to the city and walked around the city center. Santtu treated me some turkish kebab for lunch. We went to one of the largest cathedral in Helsinki, and there was a wedding ceremony going on. This is the first time I've seen a christian wedding being held inside the cathedral. Later in the afternoon,  we took a ferry to the Suomalinnen in the afternoon. It's the largest sea fortress in the world. We walked around the island, exploring the underground passage of the fortress, climbing onto the roof and sliding down a hill lol. It was pretty fun and tiring too. My feet's hurting. Finally we went back to his home in the late evening. 

The first couch surfing was fun. I am really glad I did it. I am going to my second host this evening. Hopefully things will be going well too. I have tons of things to do on Monday lol. Then I'll have to move to my own room on Tuesday. Orientation starts on Wednesday. I'll still pretty clueless about the public transportation here. The fact that all of the street names are in Finnish and Swedish doesn't help much. I'll get used to it lol I hope. Hopefully my lacking of sense of direction wouldn't affect me that much. Still have lots of work to do to settle down. And then there's school and study. Busier life waiting ahead, can't wait to face them, can't wait to conquer my new life challenge too!!

having my dinner at changi airport, with slow jazz music playing at the background...
having my dinner at changi airport, with smooth jazz music playing in the background

view from balcony at Santtu's house

Lil squirrel climbing on my leg trying to get my nuts

cathedral in Helsinki

The wedding couple walking out from the cathedral, can you spot the bride?

underground tunnel, yeah~



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